should i tell?

Today could be described as terrible and difficult. i was faced by a text from my mother. is basically asked if i am gay.
what do i say back to that? do i lie and continue the facade? do come out and relieve myself the burden of hiding it? do i hope things will be easy once she knows? or fear for the worst. all these thought are running through my head.
i want to make my mom proud. i dont think liking a Davey Wavey page is the end of the world. i dont think that it will wrecks jobs and college for me. it makes me proud that i am confident with my sexuality to like something like that on facebook and leave it open for my 400+ friends to see.
and when my mother doesnt see eye to eye on something so important, it just hurts, a deep ache. lungs burning, heart pounding, breath stopping, body shaking long pain.
Mom, if you ever read this, i love you. im gay, ive always have been and always will be. im not changing, ull just learn to finally accept me for me or lose me forever.
whether i can tell her this in person….only time can tell. maybe in an hour, a day, a year, a century. but one day i hope i can be openly honest and not have one factor define me.
should i tell her today? i dont know..

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